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Leading the way as a top provider of small business website design, The Design People, Inc. announces its Client Success Program and commitment to free, ongoing coaching of its clients. The company’s Client Success Representatives (CSRs) are responsible for proactive communication to its customers, sharing best practices and ensuring that they achieve full adoption and value from the company’s website products.

The Design People’s approach to customer success is based on a collaborative and personalized web development process. As part of its formalized Client Success Program, CSRs get involved at the beginning of the design process to make sure there is a clear understanding of client objectives. From there, the Client Success Program enables full management of the client life cycle from the lead phase, through the sales pipeline, site design and post-launch maintenance and marketing.

“Keeping up with changes in the world of online advertising is nearly impossible and often confusing, particularly when customers are dealing with fast-moving technology companies like Google™, Yahoo!® and Microsoft®,” said Mike Ralls, client success manager. “It is a Client Success Representative’s job to stay informed. Our Client Success Program is designed to cut through the noise and deliver the targeted marketing and branding advice that our clients need, helping them make the most informed decisions. We do the thinking for them so they can focus on gaining awareness and growing their business, not learning website code.”

Throughout website production, CSRs work hand in hand with dedicated project managers and the design team to make sure clients are exposed to branding and marketing consultation. After site launch, the relationship continues. CSRs provide ongoing advice to clients to help them market to new potential customers, including Client Success Program tools that might be beneficial to them such as search marketing, content optimization, landing pages, keyword advertising and interactive flash presentations.

“When we decided to build HILTON & HYLAND, we needed a web design studio that could help us represent our brand to our discriminating clients. They listened to our ideas and implemented the necessary technical expertise and direction to create an exceptional website and an aggressive marketing program,” said Ed Leyson from HILTON & HYLAND of The Design People’s real estate division, Agent Image.. “The site is very easy to use for our agents and high-end clientele which include Paris Hilton, Madonna, Paula Abdul, Barbara Streisand, Lionel Ritchie, Sharon Stone, Johnny Depp, Bruce Willis and Halle Berry. Best of all, our site has been ranked #1 for ‘Beverly Hills real Estate’ on Google since we signed on with them. We highly recommend them to our agents and will continue to consult with them on how to market and grow our business on the web.”

The Design People, Inc. is an authorized reseller of Google™ Adwords, a Yahoo! Search Marketing Ambassador and a Microsoft® ad Excellence Member. Client Success Representatives and Internet marketing team members are trained on the latest web strategies and search marketing programs provided by top search providers. A good understanding of how search engines work is an absolute prerequisite for members of these teams.

“We’re one of a handful of a web design companies with the ability to launch hundreds of branded, visually attractive websites every month. If you can do that well on a consistent basis, that’s customer satisfaction,” says Tiger Bitanga, CEO of The Design People, Inc. “We take it further than we ever have before by combining great art direction with customized marketing programs — all delivered by personal Client Success Representatives that are with you every step of the way. That’s client success.

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