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August 99, a sister company of The Design People with offices in Manila, Philippines, now staffs the best web designers, developers and virtual teams to help digital companies of all sizes lower their costs through web design outsourcing.

Web design firms who are looking to outsource to the Philippines can now hire dedicated teams at affordable monthly rates. Backed by 13 years of Internet marketing experience, thousands of successful website design projects and with one of the largest networks of web designers in the country, August 99 is positioning itself to be one of the best web design service providers in Asia.

“We connect web design firms with awesome teams in the Philippines. With our North American managers and dedicated virtual teams, we have the right mix of communication and developer talent to help digital agencies all over the world with any aspect of website building and Internet marketing,” shares Bernd Rennebeck, Chief Operations Officer at August 99.

“Dedicated virtual teams eliminate wasted time going back and forth with project quotes and change requests. August 99 provides teams of programmers and designers who can knock out all types of web projects from design to coding, whether its WordPress websites, responsive design, Magento, Joomla, HTML/CSS conversion, SEO or copywriting.”

The team behind August 99 has been serving customers across the U.S. for over a decade. Today, August 99 is working with companies in the U.K., United States, Australia, Canada and other major cities in Europe.

“The brand ‘August 99’ itself is an homage to the year we founded The Design People Inc.,” says Tiger Bitanga, CEO. “It’s an exciting time for us. We’ve aggressively expanded our network of developers and leveraged our experience in launching over 14,000 websites into this August 99 spin-off. The end result: we can white label any creative agency from your garage startup next door to a large web marketing firm.”

“Hiring web designers from the Philippines is more than just cutting on costs. What makes August 99 unique is that we can plug a coder, developer or copywriter into any stage of a design workflow,” says Ace Hain, Chief Customer Officer. “We have a powerhouse team of professionals who are ready to handle time-consuming, tier one tasks like content writing, social media management and data entry. Less time spent on production means more time for stakeholders to focus on the game-changing side of their design business like looking for more customers, consulting, web strategy and product development.”

About August 99:
August 99 Inc. is a website design outsourcing company headquartered in Manila, Philippines. We specialize in providing dedicated virtual teams and online marketing support for businesses of all sizes. Learn more about our web outsourcing services at or call +1.800.403.8199.

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