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With the launch of, real estate professionals now have a new venue for sharing ideas and gaining insights into the latest marketing trends. The real estate advice blog and forum is powered by Agent Image, the leading real estate web design and internet marketing firm.

Aiming to provide real estate professionals with a new resource for real estate advice, leading real estate web design and internet marketing firm Agent Image recently launched Featuring realtor forums and the latest updates on trends in web design and internet marketing, the blog is a resource for agents and realtors who want to ensure that their websites and marketing campaigns are cost-efficient, effective and on-target.

“There are dozens of real estate message boards online, but those that actually offer relevant, up-to-date information are few and far between,” says Tiger Bitanga, CEO of The Design People and Agent Image. “Through AgentWebPros, we not only provide industry updates, we also serve as the host of an online venue where real estate professionals and web design and marketing professionals can mix and mingle. Our goal is to foster meaningful discussions and to help individuals and firms make the most of the various online platforms that are now available to all of us.”

Designed to be as user-friendly as possible, has a streamlined and easily navigable interface. Since its launch, a variety of topics have already been introduced, from how to create great taglines to search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

“The internet is about sharing information and making connections,” says Director of Marketing, Ryelle G., “and this, in essence, is what is all about. Do you want to find out what other real estate agents think about something? Start a thread on our real estate forum. Thinking of revamping your website or starting a social media marketing campaign? You can get tips and advice here, post a topic that can spark a discussion between your fellow agents and our professionals, or contact us directly.” To find out what today’s hottest topics are, visit AgentWebPros.

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