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Creative Ways to Make Your First 100 Sales

Eager to make your first 100 sales? This article guide will teach you everything you need to know about generating a successful sale (both online and offline). Skim through the topic list below and download the complete 292-page PDF guide at the end to view the details on how to do each one.

  1. Make friends on Facebook
  2. Network on LinkedIn
  3. Get busy on Youtube
  4. Spark conversations on Twitter
  5. Inspire with Pinterest
  6. Work it on Instagram
  7. Tap into Tumblr
  8. Stand out on comparison shopping Engines
  9. Get on Google Places
  10. Leverage the Yahoo! Bing network
  11. Get search engine optimized (SEO)
  12. Learn from web analytics
  13. Be accessible on mobile devices
  14. Get product reviews
  15. Write a press release
  16. Pull a PR stunt
  17. Sell a unique and newsworthy product
  18. Interview an industry influencer
  19. Write a guest post
  20. Create a viral video
  21. Start your own blog
  22. Write a controversial blog post
  23. Create a Youtube channel
  24. Build your email list
  25. Advertise on Facebook
  26. Pay for Google Adwords
  27. Buy banner ads
  28. Promote your tweets on Twitter
  29. How to sell at a flea market or farmer’s market
  30. Engage your local business network
  31. Say hello to strangers with
  32. Sell wholesale to other retailers
  33. Take your business on the road
  34. Deploy a sales team
  35. Get going with trade shows
  36. Go door to door
  37. Use print ads
  38. Sponsor an event
  39. Distribute flyers
  40. Advertise outdoors
  41. Tell family and friends
  42. Participate on forums
  43. Create a listing on Craigslist, eBay or similar classifieds site
  44. Give out coupon codes
  45. Get others involved with affiliate marketing
  46. Build relationships with suppliers
  47. Demonstrate trust and security
  48. Target different languages and countries
  49. Delegate and get things done
  50. Be persistent

To go in-depth on how to do each of these strategies, download this wonderful 292-page guide.

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